Vet Patient Monitors and Accessories


Medicatech Veterinary Products is running a Spring Special on all of our Infunix vet patient monitors. 30% off all products!

These monitors are our new releases for 2019 and can be customized to your exact needs and specifications. All Medicatech monitors are available with specialized upgrades including, invasive blood pressure monitoring, an esophageal probe and end tidal C02.

Two year warranty on all Infunix monitors. Sale ends 7/31/19. Call to get yours today!



                                                      Accessories Included:

Reusable SPO2 Sensor
SPO2 Extension Cable
NIBP (4.2 – 7.1 cm)
NIBP (5 – 10.5 cm)
NIBP Air Hose
3 Leas ECG Cable
Temperature Sensor (Rectal type)
AC Power Cord
Built- In Li-ion Battery
2 year warranty

 We have been using the Purescope monitor for over a year now,  and I can say in all confidence this machine is amazing! I am an RVT at our practice, so I spend a lot of time in surgery, and this monitor is hands down as reliable as the Cardell Touch, but it is half the price! It monitors all of the same parameters with a beautiful display, and is extremely user friendly. If you are looking for a monitor, give the Purescope a try. You’ll love it! And Brian has been wonderful to work with as we pioneered this new equipment. Affordable and reliable.  You won’t be disappointed!

Kerissa Clutters


IP-4050 Veterinary Patient Monitor by Infunix

The IP-4050 Patient Monitor by Infunix is the Cadillac of vet patient monitors! The IP-4050 comes loaded with features, including a 10.4 ” screen, optional display settings, available in 3, 4, 5 or 6 wave. It is configurable with multi color wave forms, and different parameters can be set with the font and color choices for individual preference.

The IP-4050 is easily transportable with a light carrying weight of only 3 kgs and a battery life of up to 3 hours.

The 4050 has a super fast start up time of 2 seconds! It can also be used in 7 different languages, is available in rolling stand or wall mount, and is available with a centralized monitoring system.

Infunix Purescope IP-3010 Vet Patient Monitor

The IP-3010 Purescope is slightly smaller than the 4050. It has  a 7″ wide, TFT color LCD display that is available in 5 different wave forms. The interface is a RS 232 Port and the resolution is 800 x 480 pixels for crystal clear viewing! The 3010 is light weight for easy transportation, and weighs in at only 3 kg’s. Other features of the 3010 include a battery life of 5 hours, 72 hours of graphic and tabular trend, an ECG arrhytmia alarm and optional color menu and waveforms for individual preference.  The 3010 is a high performance vet patient monitor with too many features to list here. Please call us today to place an order or get additional details!

Infunix IP-1020 Pulse Oximeter Monitor

The IP-1020, Pulse Oximeter is a conveniently small size SpO2, Non-Invasive Blood Pressure monitor with 2-Parameter vital signs. It is built with the high sensitivity levels and  minimal perfusion in addition to moving artifact protection. The IP-1020 has 72 hours trending and a very strong battery capacity . The Battery can get completely charged in 5 hours  and has an 8 hours operating range. The monitor also provides RS-232 and comes with a nurse call feature.

Other features of 1020 Monitor include advanced SPO2 Technology, a pole mounted, table top display that allows for easy adapation within the work area, a light weight portable design of only 2.8 pounds and a high accuracy rating of 70 to 100%. 

About Medicatech’s line of Vet Patient Monitors and Pulse Oximeters


Medicatech is a nationwide distributor of the Infunix line of Veterinary monitors and pulse oximeters. These advanced products  include non-invasive features with a wide variety of sensors and numerous other time saving benefits. This advanced and cutting edge medical imaging equipment is helping physicians develop new methods to diagnose and treat diseases and ailments quicker and more efficiently then ever before. Infunix has been focused on producing the most advanced pulse oximeters and patient monitors that are available on the market today. This cutting edge equipment has proven to be more effective and reliable in numerous ways,  by  improving patient outcomes and helping to reduce the cost of health care. The end result of Infunix products has helped lead the way in clinically proven products that excel innovation, performance and patient safety. This state of the art, cutting edge technology has given health care providers the information they need to optimize clinical decision making.