We would like to start off by saying thank you for choosing Medicatech Vet as your implant and instrument provider.

    You cannot deny the fact that TPLO surgery has gone thru a major a shift towards locking plate systems in the last 5 years.  The success of the locking plate systems cannot be ignored; however along with its success the industry has seen a major increase in cost to supply the implants and instruments to perform this complicated procedure.

    Medicatech has addressed this issue by providing the AO locking implants at a significantly lower price range. Our focus was to start manufacturing reasonably priced implants to help offset the cost of this surgery thus making it more affordable for both the client and surgeon.

    Although there are several ways to repair a torn canine ACL, the TPLO surgery is still the preferred by most boarded surgeons. This is a fact but the alternative TTA surgery is still going strong as well. We have many surgeons that are sticking with the TTA as is has its advantages that cannot be ignored. The dogs do tend to return to normal function much quicker and the TTA surgery is much less invasive.

    This is obviously a point of discussion to be studied by the doctors that do this surgery but we are here to help provide you with a cost effective alternative in whatever method you decide to perform.  So with that we can say we have both of your CCLR interests covered.  Medicatech Vet has a wide variety of implants for this repair and all forms of veterinary orthopedic surgery at your disposal.   


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